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A Weekday Night Time Routine for a Dreamy Nights-sleep.


After a long day of working, studying, running errands - and just taking care of things that need to get done, it is important to leave time to also take care of yourself. The stresses of a long day can have an impact on so many things like your sleep, your skin, and your overall health. Taking the time to unwind will help your mind and body relax as it repairs itself from the day.

Check out our blog post on self-care to learn why self-care is important and ways you can implement both small and big acts to elevate your day-to-day living.

Here are steps we found effective to finish off our day and get us ready to go to sleep.

Clear Your Space

Our favourite way to unwind is to start by clearing our space. We find it is hard to have a relaxed mind when our space isn't clear. Pretty much, we've experienced how a cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Organizing your space at night before you go to bed ensures that you start the next day fresh and ready for whatever your next day brings.

Take a Warm Shower

Next, take a warm shower. Warm showers wash off the long day you just had. They also warm up your body and relax your muscles. When you get out of the shower and the water on your skin evaporates - it cools your body down and sends the signal that your body is ready for sleep. We like to follow up the shower with a moisturizer that has relaxation-promoting essential oils - such as lavender - to keep your skin moisturized while smelling lovely. One we love to use is from Aveeno - its super affordable and widely available.

Do your Skin Care Routine

Don’t forget to focus on your face and eyes. Set yourself up with a relaxing routine that works well with your skin and will help give you a beautiful complexion! If you would like some tips on how to set up a skin care routine, check out our Skin Care Routine blog post. We have one for acne-prone skin types.

Put on your Favourite PJs

Then, get in some comfy pjs. We prefer silk the best because it is soft on the skin, has a cooling effect, and helps your body stay moisturized as it is less absorbing than other fabrics. Plus - they're ultra flattering.


Have a soothing cup of tea and do an activity that relaxes you - such as reading a book or watching a show. To help us unwind after a "had to use my customer service voice for 8 hours straight" type of work day - we like to set the mood. We love diffusing essential oils into the air and lighting candles - to create a beautiful ambiance in our rooms. Our favourite diffuser is from Saje, and we love using unwind, and yoga essential oil blends. As for candles, our favourites are from Bath & Body Works - specifically, vanilla bean and rose water and ivy. We normally buy these candles in their 3-wick size and they always last us an entire year - so they're totally worth the buy. For more information on our favourite Saje products, check out our blog post here.


Once your feeling nice and relaxed you are ready to sleep and recharge for your next busy day.


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